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Samsung Charge Universal Accessories


Samsung Charge universal accessories can fulfill specific needs or solve problems.

For example if you have a hard time keeping your phone clean, you can use one of our cleaners to wipe away the dust, dirt and grime that can accumulate on your Samsung Charge.

Accessories for a mobile phone are very important in tourist trips around the world.

Samsung Charge Wired Headset

If you accidentally drop your Samsung Charge, you can remove scratches with the Displex scratch remover and keep in on a car mount to prevent future damage. Or if camping is your summertime-passion, then keep the Droid Charge safe in one of our water-proof cases to keep its sensitive electrical components dry and protected.

Reception problems may be fixed with an antenna booster and if your vehicle offers only one 12-v plug, use one of the splitters and vehicle adapters to connect several devices. Whatever the issue may be, you’ll likely find a solution in our Samsung Charge universal accessories section.

Samsung Charge Bluetooth Headset

Car Charging Dock For Iphone Samsung

Car Charging Dock For Iphone Samsung

Samsung Charge Bluetooth HeadsetAre you in on the craze and hype with new mobile phones?

Do you follow the phones that are out there and new to the market or are you just looking for a user friendly phone?

Well, if you’ve heard of the new Samsung Droid Charge and are tired of looking around at phones and not understanding all the talk about them, you’ve stumbled on to the right place.
Many of us can relate. For most people a few necessities is all they need with a phone and extras are always fun, but they want to understand how they all work and if it’s the best match for them. Well here are some things to help you fully understand your new Samsung Droid Charge as well as inform you about the fun new accessories you can get for your phone.

In today’s world Bluetooth is the hot, wireless thing. For those who like music and for those who love to multitask and talk, the Samsung Droid Charge supports the following Bluetooth profiles: Bluetooth Headset, Hands free, A2DP, and FTP, as well as other standard profiles.

If you are into hands free and wireless technology with cell phones, then you are in luck. The newest Droid does have a compatible Samsung Charge Bluetooth Headset. With a Samsung Charge headset you can talk, you can listen to music and it’s all in the comfort of your own ear. Better yet your hands are FREE!

That’s right you can continue your job typing at your computer and still have a conversation and it’s kept between you and that person; no speaker phone! You’re probably thinking, wow, something in my ear all the time? I don’t need that irritation.

Well with the wonderful technology available today, the Samsung Charge Bluetooth headset is so comfortable you don’t even know it’s there. Comfortable enough that you can wear it all day without irritation or discomfort.

Bluetooth headsets come in a variety of different colors, styles and features, like stereo and mono headsets. Why not be able to choose how things sound in your ear or why not be able to personalize yourself and make a statement of who you are.

So while you are out jogging in the afternoon or if you’re in your barn mucking stalls not only do you have clear, quality sound for music or a phone conversation, but you’re also hands free. You can take a call anytime, anyplace and go about your business, Samsung Charge Bluetooth headset firmly sitting in your ear.

No fumbling around with your hands while shopping. Of course now you’re thinking how can I make a statement with my new Droid Charge and stand out from the crowd and still look cool. With a new phone you need accessories and Samsung Charge accessories show the true quality of this phone. They are not only stylish but many are durable and built to last. You get your money’s worth with the Samsung Charge accessories.

You can start first with the basics of a cover that you can get with flowers on it if you wanted. Next, to protect your new Samsung Charge you can get screen protectors that will keep your screen scratch free, smudge free and overall keep the screen in better condition.

The Samsung Charge has so many accessories to choose from, it’s now time for you to check out the Samsung Droid Charge if it’s not already in your hands and personalize it to your liking! Go on technology is everywhere try out the new Samsung Charge today!

Samsung Charge Battery & Cradle

Galaxy Smart Dock Multimedia Hub

Galaxy Smart Dock Multimedia Hub

It’s a common problem in a world where cell phones are becoming increasingly important: not enough battery power to make it through the day.

Smartphones such as the Samsung Charge require even more battery power than other cell phones because of their advanced features, which tend to require more power.
A solution to this problem is found through the use of an additional Samsung Charge Battery, charged and ready to replace an empty unit should the need come up.
Having an extra battery when “on-the-go” eliminates the need to monitor and conserve battery usage throughout the day, since there is always fully charged Samsung Charge battery left even when running low on the first battery.

Cell phones are incredibly important in our current day and age, people have grown increasingly dependent on them making them an oft used method of communication, therefore the longer it’s left with an empty battery, the greater the chances of missing an crucial phone call.

At times, bringing a Samsung Charge charger can help recharge, when away from home, as long as there are power outlets around, but imagine being in an emergency scenario where a call must be made immediately. This is the type of situation where there’s no time to find an outlet, and having an extra Samsung Charge battery on hand is essential.

An alternative to the extra battery is the extended battery. An extended battery is a single battery with a much longer battery life than the standard battery, included with the Samsung Droid Charge.

An extended battery gives the benefit of having as much battery life on the go as one would have when bringing extra batteries along, but with the convenience of not needing to switch to a charged battery when the other battery runs low. Extended batteries make phone use an ease by getting rid “low battery anxiety”, as I like to call it, its greater capacity being immediately apparent as it will take much longer than usual to run the battery down.

These extended or extended-life batteries are especially useful in situations where the phone has to be used for an long period without being shut off to switch batteries, such as if it’s being used for navigation on a long hiking or biking trip where there’s nowhere to charge the phone, or even during a road trip in the car when the car’s power outlet is being used for something else.

An extended Samsung Charge battery even helps one be able to use and take advantage of the various multimedia aspects of the phone. Multimedia applications can be the biggest battery hogs as they often utilize the phones full graphics, sound, and processing power, limiting use of them when not near an outlet to keep the phone charged.


Samsung Droid Charge Accessories

Samsung Droid Charge Accessories

Samsung Droid Charge Accessories

What’s the point of having those capabilities if they can’t be used anywhere?

With an extended battery it becomes a possibility to watch a movie, play a video game, or listen to music during some on the go down time, without worrying about running out of power. An extended battery is definitely one of those necessary items to go into any complete collection of Samsung Charge Accessories.

After much waiting, the Samsung Charge along with a chariot of Samsung Droid Charge Accessories hits the market and is sure to impress many users.

This phone features an 8 megapixel camera that comes with auto-focus. A second camera, which can captures images in only 1.3 megapixels, gives users the ability to make video calls.

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The Samsung Charge is internet-ready and will support various browsers which include HTML, HTML5, and Flash. For social media, the Samsung Charge easily supports Facebook, Picasa, and Twitter apps. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity that supports Bluetooth-enabled Samsung Droid Charge Accessories and Wi-Fi are also additional features that place this phone higher on the smartphone pedestal.

The Samsung Charge comes with a candy bar design that has dimensions of 5.11 inches in height, 2.66 inches width, and 0.46 inches in depth. A total weight of only 5.04 ounces makes the Samsung Charge a very portable phone that does not feel heavy. The display is powered by Super AMOLED Plus technology and has a physical size of 4.3 inches.

This touch-screen phone also features a proximity sensor on its display and can show content in a resolution of up to 480 by 800 pixels. The battery life on the Samsung Charge has a capacity of 1,600 mAh and will last up to 11 hours while talking on the phone.

During standby, the battery will last up to 280 hours with ease. The operating system that is used on this phone is Android 2.2. Additionally, the processor on this phone is able to work at a speed of up to 1,000 MHz to handle multiple running applications. Users can find a multitude of Samsung Charge accessories that include Bluetooth headsets for hands-free communicating.

Other neat accessories that are can be found are carrying cases, screen protectors, and car chargers. Furthermore, one of the most innovative Samsung Charge accessories that can be purchased is an emergency charger that is similar to a battery and does not require an outlet to charge your phone. This type of charger will certainly be handy in situations where power outlets are not available.

Samsung Charge Charm

According to Samsung, the Charm

According to Samsung, the Charm

Purchase a faithful companion for your newest Droid cell phone with a Samsung Charge Charm.
A great way to decorate, customize and accessorize your Droid Charge, these charms offer style, and, well…, charm.

The Samsung Charge Charm section features a number of distinct and wonderful charms that are made to last. Constructed of stainless steel, CZ crystals, aluminum and plush cotton, each offers a unique look, feel and style.

You can carry your favorite Disney characters like Tweety Bird, Taz and Winnie the Pooh, wherever your cell phone goes. The charms will attach directly to the phone if a cell phone cutout is available or you can attach it to one of our Samsung Charge cases or pouches, but regardless of where it’s affixed, the Samsung Charge Charm should make a stylish addition to your cell phone.

Samsung Charge Wired Headset

Since the hands free law was put into effect in a number of states across the US, headsets have been an integral part of any Samsung Charge accessories. With a Samsung Charge wired headset, not only do you get the convenience of hands-free calls, but you’re also able to make calls safely when driving. Each of our Samsung Charge headsets have been tested for quality to ensure clear calls and maximum compatibility. When selecting the right Samsung Charge wired headset consider comfort, ease of use, portability and style. Headsets are offered in a number of styles, colors and features. Noise-isolation, inline mic, and stereo output are some of the things you may want to consider.